14 Things I always have in my long haul carry on bag

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The bag

I spotted this rather dull looking back pack in the January sales at my local branch of Peacocks for the bargain price of £12. The reason it caught my eye is because it is lovely and padded and I knew straight away as well as being the perfect size for my long haul carry on, it would also double as an excellent pillow since I had lost my travel pillow on my flight home from India a couple of months earlier.

Carry on backpack long haul carry on luggage

1) Paperwork and passport folder

This was a godsend when I went to New Zealand where I had a very complex itinerary with lots of different accommodations, car hire and tickets. Everything has its separate divider, flights, visas, hotel bookings, attraction tickets, passport, travel money, insurance, etc making things so much quicker to find. I got mine from Tiger for £2. It didn’t hold up too well to lots of travel, but it got me through and it was still a bargain!

Paperwork folder long haul carry on luggage

2) Tablet

Ordinarily I would always have my iPad in my carry on, not only because I love it more than some of my family members, but also because it keeps me entertained when I run out of movies. I can write up my blogs, play games, listen to music and so much more on it. Of course the new changes to devices in carry on may well put pay to that depending on where I am travelling!

iPad long haul carry on luggage

3) Phone

My phone goes in my hand luggage because if my hold luggage goes missing I would be royally screwed! Generally I don’t use it on a flight because the battery goes flat too quickly, the screen’s too small to do anything useful and I prefer my iPad. However, as most long haul flights now have charging sockets in the seats this is a good opportunity to get some extra juice.

iPhone long haul carry on luggage

4) Chargers and external battery

I always have my phone/iPad charger and an external battery with me to make sure I don’t run out of charge at the airport. My external battery can charge your phone up several times without needing to be recharged itself. It was bought here on Amazon and it has never failed me yet.

5) Camera

My camera always goes in my carry on, with two spare batteries purely because lithium batteries are generally not allowed in hold luggage. Be sure to check your airlines guidelines. I generally put everything in my camera bag as it protects my camera and I can fit my phone and iPad cables and chargers inside too. My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX60V which takes great pictures and also video. I bought mine second hand on eBay.

Camera and bag long haul carry on luggage

6) Puzzle book

If all else fails and the boredom kicks in, I can always kill some time with some puzzles. My favourites are arrowwords.

7) Pen

Essential for filling in landing cards, writing notes and blogs and puzzle books.

8) Notebook

A good notebook is great for writing notes and blogs, playing games like noughts and crosses and brainstorming ideas. Tiger is my favourite shop for fun notebooks and pads.

Notebook, pen and puzzle book long haul carry on luggage

9) Glasses and sunglasses

If I am writing a lot on my iPad it is handy to have my glasses to hand to prevent headaches. Sunglasses are perfect for sunshine arrivals and to hide those tired eyes after long flights. I am the queen of breaking sunglasses so I usually have a spare pair in my checked luggage too. I love cheap sunglasses from Primark so I don’t have to worry about sitting on them. My normal glasses are from Specsavers.

Glasses long haul carry on luggage

10) Purse

Don’t risk losing your cards and cash by putting your purse in your hold luggage, take out all the loyalty cards and other junk you won’t need before leaving home. My current purse was bought in the January sales in Peacocks.

Purse long haul carry on luggage

11) Some basic toiletries

In my hand luggage I tend to carry my travel toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, ear plugs, mirror, deodorant stick, mini sanitiser gel, hand cream, some basic scraps of makeup and feminine hygiene products if needed. Remember to put your liquids in a clear plastic bag for security, only take bottles less than 100ml and pack any aerosols in your hold luggage.

Cosmetics and toiletries long haul carry on luggage

12) Medication

I always like to have some ibuprofen handy just in case headaches strike and I usually have my antihistamine spray to hand as well… I’m allergic to everything! If carrying prescribed medications try and have your prescription with you as well. Don’t forgot your contraceptive pills too ladies if you use them.

Medication long haul carry on luggage

13) Headphones

I tend to use the airlines own headphones for the movies or you end up only being able to listen through one ear. However, I take my own as the airline ones can start to pinch your ears after a while so I switch to my own for a little while. I can also listen to music and movies on my iPad if I like.

14) Slipper socks

Once I’m settled in my seat I like to take my trainers off and put on some cosy socks. They are much warmer and comfortable than shoes on a long haul. My friend brought me these awesome Harry Potter ones back from Orlando.

Harry Potter Slipper socks long haul carry on luggage

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